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St John's Primary School, Moy
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Dia de Reyes

13th Jan 2023

Dia de Reyes

James and Padraig brought 'Rosca de Reys' to school made by their mum, Eileen. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about Mexican Culture and also to taste the unique bread.

On 6th January we celebrate the Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men find the baby Jesus and shower him with gifts. In Mexico they celebrate this day by eating a Rosca de Reys, which is a doughnut shaped bread (crown) with bright colourful fruits (which look like the jewels the Wise Men would have worn) and inside there is a small baby which represents baby Jesus. The baby symbolises the hidng of baby Jesus from King Herod's troops. Whoever cuts the bread and finds the baby becomes the baby's "Godparent" and is in charge of celebrating a party on 2nd February which is Candlemas.

Thankyou James, Padraig and Eileen!